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Should I Have The Extreme Leak Sealer if a leak is found.

One in Five cars we see has a leak in the AC System, and it can be hard to decide on the day by the customer what the best course of action should a customer take? Please read the following to make the decision a little easier if we find a leak.

90% of leaks occur in the condenser (This is a big radiator-looking item at the front of the car) These leaks are mainly caused by stones hitting the condenser or by years of corrosion. Condensers cost on average £250 supply and fit, during the months of June - September there can be a 2-4 week wait for one of our recommended mechanics to fit a condenser or part. You will also need to rebook with us once the part is replaced for a Regas. 


The other option to repair a leak is Extreme Leak Sealer, and once applied to your vehicle AC system stays present for the life of the vehicle, even if you lose all your refrigerant through a large leak, the Extreme Sealer will still be present as it mixes with the oil, not the refrigerant. This can be applied on the day of the service for an extra £36.


It has other advantages besides sealing, it lubricates the compressor making it last longer, and reconditions the seals preventing leaks. It also continually repairs leaks up to 0,3mm in size, potentially saving money in repairs.

Although we test cars with high-pressure nitrogen and ultra-sonics 1 in 8 cars will lose the refrigerant within 6 months when they have little or no gas at the time of service. This is because Nitrogen molecules are larger than the refrigerant molecules and sometimes are undetectable and because the system is pressurized leaks can appear at any time due to stones hitting the condenser or a seal failing, the same as a car tire can get a puncture at any time. 

The Extreme Sealer is over 90% effective in fixing leaks, and even if it does not work on rare occasions, we offer a 3-month guarantee 


Other Advantages of adding Extreme Leak Sealer over getting the repair done first.


  1. You know the AC system is working correctly, some customers have had repairs done and then found the AC system does not work due to another fault, as we cannot do a full diagnostic when there is no refrigerant present in the car. If we Regas your car and it still does not work after the service we will not charge you for the Extreme Sealer.

  2. Extreme Lubricates and makes the compressor run quieter and last longer and carries on fixing small leaks up to 0,3mm as they occur over time.

  3. The Refrigerant will stay in the system longer, saving money on future serving with us.


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