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Please read this important information before arriving for your Cars Air Conditioning Service.


When you arrive for your appointment at 2 Verbena Drive De23 2hs, we are the premises first on your right when entering Verbena Drive, next to the long fencing.
You will see a blue Gazebo on our drive, please park 6 feet behind ac station when arriving and open your bonnet if possible.

We have an automatic detection system to inform us you have arrived on the drive and will be out to you within 2 minutes of arrival.
Some customers have been going to the wrong premises. Click here for precise directions.

Price if there is a leak or major fault.

Just to let you know that if we can not regas your car due to a large leak or other problem we only charge £35 for a leak test, not the full-service price. Once the fault has been rectified and you then rebook for an ac service then it will be the full-service price. We have to mention this as a few customers have thought the diagnostics are free or should be deducted from the service price when returning, this is not the case. Most of our work is for leak testing, as garages forward their work to us when they can not find leaks or diagnose a problem. We would never make a living offering free diagnostic appointments. So to avoid any confusion we need to mention this. 

What options do I have if a leak is found?

Before you arrive for your car's air conditioning appointment, please could you look at the link below, showing your options if we happen to find a leak in your car's AC system, hopefully, we will not find one! But it helps you decide the best course of action if a leak is found. 

Terms and conditions

If you could carefully read our transparent terms and conditions again as it contains vital information which will be very helpful as a customer and to protect yourself and ourselves from any misunderstandings, they only take a few minutes to read. Click Here to read our terms and conditions.

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