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How to Stop your car windows misting up

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Why do my car windows mist up?

This is due to moisture in the air and happens more when humidity in the air is high, causing the water particles in the air to turn to liquid that settles on your cold car windows. 

How can i stop this from happening?

Your car air conditioning is the most effective way to keeping your windows clear this is also the quickest way to de-mist the windows, you can even turn your heater up! The air conditioning will remove excess moisture in the air and dry the windows. There is usually a setting on cars with climate control that will do this for you. if you do not have climate control turn the heat up slowly while pointing the air towards the windscreen with the ac turned on. DO NOT use the air recycling as this will keep the moist air trapped in the car.

There are a few other life hacks that can prevent this from happening if you do not have air conditioning, or it is not working.

  • Wipe off the moisture with a clean microfibre cloth, making sure it has not been washed with fabric conditioner as this will just smear the moisture over the windscreen.

  • Give the windows a good clean, as microscopic dirt particles will allow the moisture to cling to the dirt. Removing the dirt will give less surface area for the moisture to cling too.

  • Use shaving cream! This may seem weird, but it provides the windscreen with a semi-permanent barrier preventing the water droplets from forming, it works for ice hockey players so give it a try. Use a microfibre cloth to spread it over the windscreen and use another clean microfibre to clean it off.

  • Put some cat litter in some tights and leave it in the car. The cat litter will absorb the excess moisture and prevent moisture in the air from building up.

  • Try opening a window to get some dry air into the car, this will also help to remove the excess moisture tapped in the air.

  • Check for leaks and damp carpets, even drinks left open in the car will provide excess moisture. Wet cloths, wet hair and umbrellas all add moisture to the air.

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